Laws and Fines Sharing the Road

There have been many changes made to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act that affect how drivers and cyclists must share the road safely. Cycling is becoming a popular way to commute on Ontario’s roads and it’s important that there are laws in place to protect their safety. Both cyclists and drivers need to be aware of potential dangers and share the road in a safe manner. The Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act includes new legislation for cycling safety, which encompasses increased fines and demerit points for safety infractions. It’s the law! Keep a safe distance, This law requires drivers of motor vehicles to keep a minimum distance of one metre (where possible) when passing cyclists. For non-compliance, there is a fine of $110. Dooring Legislation, There are increased penalties for unsafe practices when opening the door of a motor vehicle. “Dooring” refers to someone who opens a parked motor vehicle door into the path of a cyclist or other traffic. Under the new law, the penalties have a minimum fine for a “dooring” infraction is $365, and upon conviction 3 demerit points. There are increased fines for cyclists who don’t comply with light, reflector and reflective-material requirements, the fines for cyclists who don’t comply is now $110. For cyclists, focus on the road and traffic at all times – do not use mobile devices or even ear buds while riding…….Ed
Source:CAA / Photo:CAA

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