Ladies are entitled to a midlife crisis too!……

When you see a silver-haired gentleman pull up next to you in a sporty Porche 911, do you say to your hubby “someone is having a midlife crisis.” ?
Well, in the UK, ladies in their fifties and sixties are running out and picking up convertibles as  their response to the male “Porsche factor”,  Figures show that “soft tops” are now most likely to be bought by women in their 50’s with seven percent of of this female age group driving them.

Sue is a semi-retired hospital consultant. At 66, she has just bought her 3rd convertible; a Mercedes Cabriolet C Class! She says” My aim is to grow old disgracefully!”  She says further:  “I still remember the thrill of lowering the roof for the first time, and the wind zipping through my hair…it was nothing short of electrifying!”

Annabel, 66,  is a retired police officer. She picked up a Mazda MX5 this year and says” I’m embracing life in my dreamy convertible.  It makes me feel young again, as if I was cruising around in my powder-blue Mini I bought at the age of 17!”

Here is the article originally entitled “Why We Love Going Topless”!






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