Knickers The Giant Steer

This past week an Australian Steer, that is a castrated bull whose job is to “steer” the newly weened cattle where the farmer wishes to direct them, named Knickers became internet famous when a video of the critter began making the rounds showing off its sheer size.


It all started with a Tweet by Australian News Outlet 7 News Central Queensland



And then as it gained popularity it began to make the news.



Australia’s biggest cow saved form the chop

By: The Sun

From: Youtube


Knickers owner says he tops out at 194 cm or not quite 6’4 and tips the scales at 3,086 lbs or 1,400 kg which any way you look at it is one beefy bovine. In fact, Knickers is so big that when his owner tried to sell him for processing he was turned away because he was too big to take! That means Knickers will live out his days on the farm.


Now if those measurements are correct it would mean a new record, as the current Guinness World Record holder for tallest cow is Blosom who was measured at 190 cm or 6’2.


But, of course, you cannot have anything claiming to be the biggest without others coming forward to challenge the claim! That’s how Knickers had challengers step up from both California and Manitoba.


First there is Cowboy the Cow from California who stands at 6’5 or 198 cm and weighs in at approximately 3,000 lbs or 1360 kg. Which would make him taller, though lighter, than Knickers.


Serenity Acres Horse Rescue

By: ASPCApro

From: Youtube.


Also coming in at 6’5 is the only one of the animals that people are being invited to meet. That being Dozer from Kismet Creek Farm in Steinbach, Manitoba. No weight was provided for Dozer, but apparently if you were interested in getting up close and personal with the behemoth you can because Kismet Creek Farm turns into a petting zoo on the weekends.


Image of Dozer, a 6’5” steer posing with Karl Schoenrock from Kismet Creek Farm by Karl Schroenrock.


So which bovine is bigger? Until there are official measurements taken and a winner declared its up to you to decide!

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