Just What You Need Motion-Sickness Glasses

Cars, boats, planes, carnival rides, these are things that trigger motion sickness, Would you try anything to make it go away, including Citroen’s new Seetroen glasses. They look goofy. They look strange. They’re a fashion faux pas but they prevent you from turning green in the face and go running for the closest bathroom every time your eyes don’t agree with your inner ear. The French car maker announced last week Seetroen glasses and for many a dream come true. The glasses promise to eliminate your motion sickness symptoms within about 10 minutes of putting them on. The four rings of the glasses contain liquid that simulates the horizon. You wear them and then stare at a book or phone to re-sync your system. Supposedly, you can take the glasses off once you’re feeling better. The glasses are available from Citroen’s lifestyle shop, though they’re currently listed as out of stock. The price $80…….Ed
Source: AMANDA KOOSER /Photo: Citroen

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