It’s a Social Bond Between Humans and Animals


Bears do it; bats do it. So do guinea pigs, dogs and humans. They all yawn. It’s a common animal behavior, but one that is something of a mystery. There’s still no reason on the purpose of a yawn according to a professor of neuroscience at the University of Maryland. The Professor has studied what he calls “yawn science” . He says yawning may have the distinction of being the least understood common behavior. There are many causes for yawning. Boredom, sleepiness, hunger, anxiety and stress — all cause changes in brain chemistry. But it’s not clear what the yawn accomplishes. One possibility is the yawn increasing heart rate and respiratory function. One study found that yawning has a similar impact on the brain as a dose of caffeine. Another curiosity is looking at yawns, hearing yawns, thinking about yawns or talking about yawns will likely trigger a contagious response……… Ed

Source: Michelle Trudeau / Photo: Istock

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