Is traffic on the daily commute driving you bonkers?

It may look look like a giant remote controlled toy, but  the designers of this next generation electric hybrid helicopter called the “Surefly” hope it could become the next big thing  in personal transportation.   The Surefly will have a flying range of 70 miles (112 km) at a maximum altitude of around 4,000 feet (1,200 metres) with an expected price tag of $200k.  This is according to the manufacturer, Workhorse, of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The helicopter features an eight-armed layout, similar to those found in some models of drones.  It will sport a hybrid gas combustion engine to generate electricity and a battery pack to store charge.  It will also include a backup battery to drive the electric motors in the event of engine failure and a ballistic parachute that safely brings down the craft if needed.

78 years after the first working model took to the skies,  Workhorse says it has reinvented the helicopter from the ground up, and will be ready to launch  in 2019, The company has already launched a range of electric and hybrid vehicles, including drones, pickup trucks and delivery vans.

Check out your drive to work in 2019!





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