How’s Your Not From Concentrate Orange Juice?


When we pick up a carton of “100 percent orange juice, not from concentrate” from the store, the image of oranges being carefully juiced is often what comes to mind. The store-bought glass of morning OJ your sipping on is actually made by pulverizing oranges in giant processing machinery to extract its juice. That’s not such a bad thing. Because oranges only come into season during a specific time of year, orange juice companies have to store the juice for long periods of time. In order to do that without the juice spoiling, the juice is stored in million-gallon tanks and the oxygen is removed . Here’s the thing, when the oxygen is removed from the juice, so too are the natural chemicals found in the juice that give it that orange-y flavor and smell. After the juice is pasteurized, these natural orange components may be added back to the orange juice for flavor.” In other words, before the juice is bottled, it is re-flavored and re-scented with something that in the industry calls flavor packs, which are designed by flavor and fragrance companies. Yes, the same companies that makes your perfume. The reason you don’t see flavor packs printed on ingredient lists is because food companies don’t legally have to, since the flavors are not made from artificial ingredients they’re made from citrus essence and oils…. Ed

Source: Julie R. Thomson / Photo: APLUVideo4UF

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