He’s not NUTS; after all!

My colleague at work is always chomping from a bag of nuts from some bulk food store. There hasn’t been a day in recent memory when I haven’t seen him snacking on a kernel of something or another. I was beginning to wonder if he was a compulsive bird feeder or something.
Then I read an article about the benefits of chomping down (on almonds) for instance and decided that I had better join this nutty bandwagon myself.
The study from Pennsylvania says that eating just 43 g of almonds per day can improve “good” cholesterol by 19 percent as well as boosting the removal of it’s bad counterpart!
Still another study reveals how how eating nuts reduces your chances of dying from bowel cancer!. Colon cancer patients who tuck in to tree nuts regularly (after their treatment) have a 57 percent lower risk of premature death.

The full article is here      http://bit.ly/2fHmR4Q

Courtesy:  Penn State News

pic: gettyimages.com

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