Hacker Reveals What You Should Stop Doing Online

Stephanie Carruthers is a “white hat” hacker known as Snow whose clients include both Fortune 100 companies and startups. She is a frequent presenter at hacking conventions and shares her expertise with businesses hoping to beef up their online security. Stephanie says she hope that if someone truly understood the risk of the content which they are putting online, that they would reconsider posting it. Here are some of the things that she has discovered online where the individual doesn’t understand the risk. •New drivers: Excited teens (or even parents) taking a proud but up-close picture of their new ride with their drivers license that shows their personal information, including home address. •New homeowners: Homeowners taking a celebratory picture of their new house key and geo-tagging their new house without realizing that it is [easy] to duplicate a physical key from a photo. •Employees: Employees will often take selfies with complete disregard for what’s in the foreground or background of the picture, including passwords/sensitive information on whiteboards, computer monitors, voicemail passwords taped to their phones, etc. Also, for some strange reason, employees post pictures of things like their paychecks, hackers can use these types of pictures to their advantage. What should people never do on social media? Post without thinking. Before you post something, ask yourself these questions: What information am I putting online? What is in the background of my image? If I wanted revenge on myself ― how would I use this information against me?….. Ed
Source: Ann Brenoff, HuffPost / Photo: kalhh Pixabay

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