Habits Of Folks Who Are Never Stressed

They prioritize sleep, eating right, and exercise:
One of my clients is a 60-year-old executive who has a simple recipe for a successful day, ‘Make your biggest meal breakfast, then taper down the rest of the day. Exercise every morning, make it part of the routine.’ He’s asleep by 9 p.m. and at the gym the following morning by 6. He has a clear head and is ready for what the world throws at him. Find out the morning habits of successful people.
They avoid drama
People who are driving fast down the highway know how to avoid potholes, and drama is the ultimate pothole in life. Gossiping might be scintillating for a moment, but it rarely makes the speaker feel good. And what goes around, boomerangs and smacks you in the face. Low-stress people don’t gossip; they avoid it like the plague. It takes time and emotional energy that they’d rather use on other things, like these daily habits of naturally productive people.
They fill their own bucket
Doers know how to replenish. Whether it’s a night out with the girls, weekend away with friends, or simply a Saturday afternoon at home with a book, busy people know when they’re running low on energy, and how to replenish. They know if they need to be social, have some downtime, be in nature, or catch up on Netflix. They don’t wait until they get sick, or depressed, they can see that their tank is on empty and they know how to fill it. If there’s a movie this person really wants to see—they don’t wait to find a friend—they go on their own.
They smile, have fun, and enjoy their lives
Life moves more smoothly with a good attitude. You feel good, you have more friends; life generally favors those who appreciate it. The low-stress doers differentiate between what they can control and what they can’t. Flight delays, traffic, snowstorms don’t upset them. They recognize that these things may happen, and if they want to avoid them there are ways to do that (don’t fly, work from home, move to Hawaii). They guard against obligations and interruptions, and often say no to plans, parties, and people they don’t feel good about. They take care of the life they’ve built, appreciating what they have. Here’s how to say ‘no’ to all those annoying things.
Source: Readers Digest/Allison Task
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