Google Unveils Upcoming Updates

Google had their I/O conference, Yesterday, in Mountain View, California. This years showcase had a focus on artificial intelligence continuing to be added into it’s software. The Keynote speech had executives led by CEO Sundar Pichai laid out the company’s future roadmap for Android, Google Assistant, Google Home, virtual reality, and much more. You can watch it in the video or get some of the highlights below.



Google’s Android operating system is found on 80% of the smart phones on the market. They have a new voice controlled digital assistant which they’re calling simply “Google Assistant” which will help users access some of their other new tech.


Including a function called Google Lens – which will be a set of vision-based computing functions such as identifying objects you point your phone’s camera at and giving you information: such as pointing it at a restaurant and reviews for that location being displayed on your phone.


Another tool being worked on is the Google Photos app which they plan to make even more intuitive and intelligent. They want it to be able to recognize faces in the photos you take and prompt you to share those pictures with those people so you don’t forget. This is something similar to what Facebook does with pictures which get uploaded to the social media platform.


Another feature of Google Photos has raised some concern however; there is talk that the program could learn to auto-share some photos with others. Google claims however that the program will be smart enough to only share certain photos with certain people, like pictures of your children with your significant other.


Google also announced some features to their upcoming Android operating software update. One such addition is a battery protecting feature which will track and manage how much of your battery is being used by the different apps on your phone. They also introduced a feature called Google Play Protect which will scan the apps you download for malicious software.


Find out more about the Google I/O conference including several live streams and videos here.


Image from Google.

Video from The Verge Youtube.

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