Funny April Fools From Space

If you are a fan of April Fools pranks there are those who would rather you kept them away from them. You cannot get farther away than these! Here are some of the more amusing pranks that have been played upon the International Space Station. Not all of them happened on April 1st.


When you are a kid one of the easiest “pranks” you can pull is hiding in an unlikely place and jumping out at someone yelling “April Fools!” in an effort to startle them. While this often loses its appeal as you get older; when you’re in space there are only so many pranks you can safely pull. Being able to hide in a place built to not waste space is kind also of impressive. Just ask Astronaut Peggy Whitson who had some of her colleagues help her surprise their Cosmonaut allies.



Now she may have taken the idea from a year previous when Astronaut Scott Kelly hid inside a similar bag for a whole different prank. This one also from February. He had his his twin brother send him a surprise for his fellows aboard the ISS.



Then there was the time in 2010 when some pranksters thought they would have fun with ground control and send down an altered snapshot of the three of them outside of the station without equipment (Well, proper equipment, they did say they were wearing sunscreen and eye protection.)


This good hearted prank was meant to help those at ground control have a bit of a smile to start their month of April and apparently it worked. You can read more about it here on


The three-man crew of the International Space Station plays a cosmic prank on Mission Control on April 1, 2010, April Fool’s Day, with a doctored photo of themselves in space without spacesuits. Full story.
Credit: NASA


Images and Story courtesy NASA.

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