What Egg Yolk Colour can Reveal About the Chicken

Sometimes, there’s no telling what you’ll find when you crack open an egg. It’s everyone’s general hope that nothing unusual will come out of it, but one thing that’s often ignored when inspecting the contents of that freshly cracked egg is the colour of the yolk. the colour of an egg’s yolk will often vary based on where it came from. This isn’t a coincidence: An egg yolk’s colour is a direct consequence of the nutrients that the hen was fed, and as such, will dictate just what it is you’re consuming too. According to Broad Ripple Farmers Markets the darker your yolk is, the more nutrients it contains. This is generally due to the healthier, more varied diet that free-range hens are offered, containing not only corn and grain but also the occasional bug and vegetables…..Type 1…High in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. Dark colour due to carotenoids. Type 2…. Produced by large scale farming operations. Diet of wheat and barley gives light colour. Type 3 produced by medium sized farming operations. Laid by chickens with some range to move around. Diet mostly grains with some insects as nutrients. Summery, the darker the Yolk the better ….Ed

Source: Maximilien Weinstein / Photo: BROAD RIPPLE FARMERS MARKET http://remedydaily.com

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