Dad Babysits His GrandDoll For The Day, And The Internet Falls In Love

When Keenan Watkins’ 10-year-old Aayla asked him to play babysitter to her doll named Davey for the day (and find him an outfit), the father of two couldn’t say no. He headed to the Goodwill near North Vernon, Indiana, strapped the doll into his cart and began his search for the perfect outfit. A sales associate was moved by his dedication to his daughter after helping him locate some clothes for the doll, and took to Facebook to share the touching sight with others.
In her post, she wrote that she first noticed Watkins in the store because, although he was a “big dude” with “tattoos on his neck,” he wandered through Goodwill alone with the doll in his cart – and wasn’t the least bit embarrassed about it.
“I couldn’t believe how well he treated his daughter’s baby doll. It was incredible. I can only imagine how well his daughter is cared for if he’s willing to care for her toys this well. I just think amazing parenting like this deserves recognition. This man sucked up all of his pride and went out of his way to clothing shop for a baby doll just to make his little girl happy and if that’s not love I don’t know what is,” the associate wrote on her post, which has since received over 64,000 likes.
Watkins caught wind of her words and decided to respond with a Facebook post about his side of the events that day. He had made a promise to his little girl to care for her baby, Davey, and he wasn’t going to let her down.
“Davey and I go in, I grab a cart, strap him in (Daddy promised) and begin looking around, completely lost. I approach a young woman who appears to work there. She is smiling, going about her duties, looking like maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t bite my head off if I were to ask my dumb question,” he wrote in his post. “‘Miss, where are your clothes for little babies?’ Still smiling, but possibly a bit confused as she just saw the 250 pound, 6’2″ tattooed man wearing a shirt that says ‘Punisher’ who has what is clearly a doll strapped into his cart. She kindly directs me to the back wall, where the newborn clothes are, doing her job without pause.”
“I’m just a Daddy that wants his kids to truly understand that I love them,” Watkins finished his post. “I want them to be happy, and would gladly take on a potentially embarrassing situation, in order to keep my promise to them. Father of the year? Hardly. Father? You bet.”
Source: Good Housekeeping/Caroline Alkire
Photo: Love What Matters/Facebook/Keenan Watkins

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