Out-of-control Chinese Space Station Crashing To Earth This Week

It’s not just China’s space station that poses a potential threat this week. There is tons of debris in orbit with an explosive potential for danger floating around. There are, however, a number of disturbing hazards among the thousands of pieces of space junk orbiting high over our heads that we wouldn’t want falling in our direction anytime soon. Space is crowded, about 23,000 tractable objects currently orbit the planet, according to the latest numbers from the European Space Agency. By there count, about 1,500 objects floating around the Earth are currently active. Think satellites and spacecraft. Nearly 3,000 hunks of space junk are dead satellites, spacecraft and other payloads that we sent to orbit but are no longer in use. There are almost 2,000 rocket stages with explosive propellant, more than a dozen nuclear reactor cores and at least 50 freaky liquid metallic blobs of nuclear reactor coolant. The scary thing is there is about 166 million pieces of space debris less than a centimeter in size are estimated to be circling overhead at several thousand miles per hour, acting as tiny little projectiles that can threaten the integrity of operational satellites, and the space station. Think of the 2013 film “Gravity” with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock…….Ed

Source: ERIC MACK / Photo: NASA / www.cnet.com/news

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