Coffee ‘not essential for life’ according to Swiss Government

In Canada, people feel withdrawal symptoms without a morning cup of joe and will wait in ridiculously long lines to pick up their double-double. But appears the Swiss government isn’t so keen on java. Switzerland will end its emergency stockpile of coffee by 2022, after its government declared coffee beans “not essential for life.” But trouble could be brewing since the average Swiss citizen consumes nine kilograms of coffee each year. This is more than double the amount American drinks, and Canadians only drink 7 kilograms on average. Since the First and Second World War, the Swiss government has been storing emergency reserves of coffee in case of potential shortages. The country currently has 15,300 tonnes stored up for its 8.5 million residents, this is roughly enough to last the country three months. Although the stockpiling of emergency coffee is scheduled to end in about three years’ time, the final decision to scrap the stockpiles won’t be made until this November. In the meantime, the plan is open for public input…..Ed
Source: Jeremiah Rodriguez CTV / Photo: Ilce-7rm2 Maxpixel

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