Churchill, From Aliens To foreseeing A Nuclear Future


A recently discovered essay written by Sir Winston Churchill in the 30’s shows the British prime minister believed alien life existed in the universe. In it, he says he is “not sufficiently conceited” to believe the Sun is the only star that has a family of planets, and that with so many planets potentially in existence, the odds of life existing elsewhere are high. The essay titled ‘Are We Alone in the Universe?’ it was written in 1939, just before WWII, but it was never published and its existence was forgotten, until it was unearthed at the US National Churchill Museum in Missouri. Churchill took a deep interest in science and was the first prime minister to appoint a science adviser. Churchill did published an essay in 1931 where he wrote about wireless telephones, the potential of robots, the artificial cultivation of animals in laboratories and, above all, the release of nuclear energy to power societies. Even earlier in April 1926 he dictated a summary on quantum theory. Can anyone seriously imagine any political leader today into science and technology predictions? After all this time, people are now seeing Sir Winston Churchill in a new light…… Ed

Source: Paul Rincon/ Graham Farmelo / Photo:iStock/Getty

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