Christmas Tree Rentals

Millions of Christmas Trees are purchased in Canada each and every year, millions more are exported from Canada; in 2016 alone nearly 2 million Christmas Trees were sent out into the rest of the world. It is a Christmas tradition that is much beloved and enjoyed all over the world, but it does leave one little problem, so many trees need to be planted and harvested and disposed of every year for this tradition; except in Gloucestershire where they have come up with a different idea.


At Primrose Vale Farm they have a specialty when it comes to Christmas Trees. Instead of selling them, they rent them, which means much less mess and fewer trees being cut down. How do you rent a tree? Easy! If it is a pot-grown tree, this is different from a potted tree, a pot-grown tree can be rented out and so long as it is watered and brought back they can be put back into the field and continue to grow where you can rent them again the next year until they are too big when they can be planted for good.



By: Gloucester Services Northbound

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While there are a few businesses in Canada which will rent Christmas Trees, even some which are pot-grown, it is far from a common practice and still millions of trees will be cut down this year and disposed of or reused come the new year.


If you would like to know more about Primrose Vale Farm visit their website here.


Image from Gloucester Services Northbound

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