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The Fish You Buy Is Not What It Seems

Last year, a shocking report by the seafood sustainability nonprofit Oceana concluded that 33 percent of fish sold in American retail outlets is mislabeled. The findings – based on DNA testing of 1,200 samples from 674 stores in 21 states

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A California animal shelter was trying to find the owners — or, if they can’t be found, a new home for an extra-large, fluffy cat who was found wandering the streets. “HUGE CAT ALERT,” wrote The Pasadena Humane Society &

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Does Sparkling Water Hydrate You As Well As Regular Water?

As the weather heats up and we all begin looking for delicious (and healthy) ways to stay hydrated, a persistent question come up: Is sparkling water actually hydrating, and is it as good for us as plain water? Downing glasses

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A Summer Treat, The World’s Most Expensive Milkshake

New York restaurant Serendipity 3 has crafted a deliciously decadent creation which has amounted to the world’s Most expensive milkshake. Available this week, Serendipity 3’s LUXE Milkshake has set the new record with a value of $100 U.S. This lavish

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Mind-Boggling Facts About Canada

Canada’s lowest recorded temperature is as cold as Mars. One of the most common facts about Canada is that it can get pretty cold in the winter, a temperature recorded in 1947 in Snag, Yukon makes the rest of Canada’s

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It’s The Opening launch party for the Old Galt Post Office library Project

Cambridge’s much talked-about new digital library will have it’s opening-night kickoff celebration July 6 that will include everything from high-tech digital displays to music and dancing. City and Idea Exchange library officials are teaming up to officially open the new

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Oakville’s Darnley Lewis is Canada’s Favourite Crossing Guard

Every day before Darnley Lewis, 82, takes his post at the crosswalk outside St. Mary Catholic Elementary School in Oakville, he offers up a prayer. Darnley said he offered a prayer of thanksgiving for the safety of the students and

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Eight Year Old Jumps into Action as Father Suffers Stroke

Max Pozzo was inside playing his favourite video game on a cold February afternoon when something went wrong. His dad, Mike, suddenly collapsed as he was making dinner in their suburban Calgary home. Eight-year-old Max dropped everything, ran to his

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Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

The invention of the refrigerator was a game changer in our ability to conserve food. It prevents many foods from becoming laden with disease-causing bacteria, as well as helps us save money buying food that goes bad before we can

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Gemstones Raining Down From The Sky In Hawaii

Kilauea, there is Blue fire, volcanic tornadoes, baby volcanic cone building, and the violent vaporization of the island’s largest lake – what’s next from the volcano . Well, as has been reported , it appears that it’s been raining gemstones,

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Event: Hamilton’s Flyfest This Weekend

This Father’s Day weekend, bring Dad and the whole family to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum for a day of fun and flying. Many of the Museum’s vintage aircraft will be flown throughout both days but the best part is

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With Science Test for Bad Breath

Researchers have engineered a portable device that detects even the tiniest trace of hydrogen sulfide—one of the primary offenders in bad breath. Need a quick breath check before your big meeting…or your big date? Well, scientists from South Korea may

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Cats Domesticated Themselves, Ancient DNA Shows

A comprehensive survey of cat genes suggests that even after felines wandered into our lives, they remained largely unchanged for thousands of years. In true feline form, cats took their time deciding whether to jump into humans’ laps. In a

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4 Women In One Family Wore The Same Handmade Wedding Gown From 1932

Over the last 85 years, four women in one family have worn the same silk dress over the years for their weddings. It all started with Maria Teresa Moreno who made the gown herself before her own wedding in 1932.

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Milton Author wins Four Awards for Children’s Book

Amy Leask is a philosopher who likes to encourage kids to think beyond the surface of things. One of her efforts, a softcover children’s picture book, has netted her four industry book awards. The Milton resident, who co-founded Enable Education

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