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Foods Canadians Get to Enjoy, But Americans Can’t

Poutine, bacon and maple syrup might be Canada’s best-known foods, but there are some other delicious delicacies the rest of the world is missing out on. If you didn’t know, a deal struck between a British exporter and Hershey’s has

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Cockroach Milk The Next Superfood

Did you know that protein crystals in cockroaches have a whopping three times the energy of an equivalent mass of buffalo milk and about four times the equivalent of cow’s milk” according to the scientists behind the research, in a

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Some Airlines Are Forcing Kids to Sit in Separate Sections

Traveling with small children is always an adventure, but when cruising altitudes rise above 39,000 feet it can easily become a loud and terrifying experience. Between screaming, fidgeting and eagle-eyeing random strangers, kids are enough to push some passengers to

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Brantford Flood Crisis

The flood crisis impacting the City of Brantford areas of Holmedale, Old West Brant and Eagle Place is still in effect. The situation remains unpredictable and high risk for the impacted areas. The Evacuation of these areas will remain until

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Wi-Fi to Be Installed on GO Trains and Buses

Wi-Fi to Be Installed on GO Trains and Buses Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation says Wi-Fi will be installed on GO trains that connect Toronto and Hamilton Area. Metrolinx will test the service in March on two GO trains and four

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Shocked Condo Owner Finds her Unit is listed for Rent Online

A Montreal woman is warning apartment hunters to be cautious after her condo was falsely advertised as available for rent and used to scam people out of cash. Margaret discovered the scam that day when a couple knocked at her

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Hens Could Be Roosting In Cambridge

Backyard chickens are still banned in Cambridge. But they may not be for long. A pair of public consultation meetings on the possibility of allowing egg-laying hens in urban backyards are coming up this month. The first is tonight from

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Where Wild Animals Injured by Winter Go to Recuperate

The brutal cold snap that kicked off this winter in Ontario took its toll on more than just people. Along with swans, the Toronto Wildlife Centre has taken in some 30 bats, a whole bunch of frostbitten opossums, a northern

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Fans Try to Sneak into ‘Black Panther’ Inside Trench Coat

This is the bizarre moment when two jokers tried to sneak into a cinema using a trick straight from The Pink Panther. The pair tried to buy just one ticket for a screening of blockbuster Marvel movie Black Panther in

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Twinkies Aren’t the Immortal Snack Cakes You Think

Twinkies do expire. Despite countless rumors, legends, and hear-say, these cream-filled sponge cakes will not outlast humanity in an apocalypse. Hostess—the company that makes Twinkies—only promises 25 days of freshness sitting on air-conditioned store shelves. While most of us are

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Measles Hits Brampton with Possible Exposure at Several Locations

Peel Public Health is investigating a confirmed case of measles in an adult from Brampton who had recently travelled internationally and warning other people who may have unknowingly been exposed to the illness. Anyone who was in the following places

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It’s 2,400-Gallon Cocktail Shaker on Wheels

When a “double” simply won’t cut it, Monkey Shoulder whisky has come up with an over-the-top solution: Starting this weekend, the Speyside blended Scotch brand will be traveling across America in a truck equipped with an unmissable shiny cocktail shaker.

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Fort McMurray Fire Victims Win $1-Million Lottery

A couple who lost their home in the Fort McMurray wildfire now have a lot of extra dough to finish rebuilding it. Bill Pendergast won $1 million in a Lotto 6/49 draw earlier this month, thanks to a ticket he

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The Engagement Ring and The Cost

A recent survey of more than 14,000 engaged or recently married individuals, revealed something, it was discovered that only one in three marriage proposals are a surprise. It’s valentines and possibly the right time for proposal season (the time of

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“One Ring Scam’ targets Phones Across Canada

A scam that loads hefty fees onto your phone bill is resurfacing across Canada. The fraudsters behind the so-called “one ring scam” place calls that appear to originate overseas and hang up quickly. Curious victims return the anonymous missed call

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