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Shuttle Service Launches For Spencer/Webster Falls

  A shuttle service will now run between a large parking area just outside Dundas and Tew Falls, for visitors to access this popular conservation area on weekends and holidays from Saturday, May 6 to Sunday, October 29, 2017. All

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Artist After 6: Barbara Streisand

Artist After 6: Barbara Streisand. She’s in the Lounge at 8 o’clock as we celebrate her 75th birthday. Click “Read More” to see her video for, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” pic: free use           video:Vilma Gamarra C

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Volunteers Recognized

All of us at Jewel 92 recognize the efforts of volunteers  during national volunteers week. You are truly appreciated. For #NationalVolunteerWeek we recognize the 1.96 billion hours devoted by Canadians to volunteer activities in 2013. Source: Stats Can

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Clear Coffee

UK-based distributor CLR CFF recently launched a bottled product, Clear Coffee, that claims to be the world’s first transparent coffee. Sold in 100 ml bottles, each contains 100 mg of caffeine and promises to offer the flavor of Arabica coffee beans

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It Must Be Monday

Funny fails for a Monday. Pic: YouTube screen grab

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Have You Ever Bowled A Perfect Game. How About In Under 90 Seconds? [Video]

It’s a bowler’s dream: the perfect game. At a bowling alley in Cortland, New York, Ben Ketola realized that dream in 86.9 seconds. The 23-year-old ran across 10 lanes, quickly rolling balls until he reached the end of the bowling

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2nd Question Lunchtime Trivia Monday, April 24

2nd Question. Q: 4 out of 5 people under 30 say they can’t do this. What?

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Lunchtime Trivia Monday, April 24

Q: Some sports including ballet, figure skating and others incorporate makeup, hair styling, and dress or costume. This sport not know for any of that and has some of its athletes wearing nail polish. What sport is it and why?

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Capitals Praise The Leafs In A Hard Fought Series. The Kids Are Alright!

 The Leafs went far past where a lot expected this season.  And to go 6 games against the best team in the league a lot of hockey fans are praising the Leafs for a great season.  Including their 1st round

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Right Place, Right Time To Save Two Lives

Once it was all over, Brian and Lisa Schmidt just kept on running. The couple’s Sunday afternoon training session for next month’s Ottawa Race Weekend marathon was unexpectedly interrupted when they had to rescue two canoeists who’d lost control of their boat on the Ottawa River.

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That ‘Guilty’ Look On Your Dog’s Face Isn’t Guilt At All

  When you come into a room and discover that Rover has chewed your favorite sofa cushion into tiny bits of fluff or magazine into scrap, you shout, bad dog! What is this!! Rover lowers his chin and pins his

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‘Poop Power’ In Waterloo

The Ontario city best known for headquartering BlackBerry may soon be known for an entirely different commodity — dog poop. Waterloo will soon be the home of a pilot program that will turn dog waste into energy, using a process

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Diet Soda, Increases Risk of Health Problems?

  The quest to trim waistlines using artificial sweeteners could be backfiring, as researchers found artificially sweetened drinks like diet soda could have an increase a person’s likelihood of stroke and dementia. A study published in the American Heart Association

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Honey Bee Swarm And What To Do

It is spring, that means the bees are going to be swarming, but bee swarms are not a bad thing. Here are a couple of things to know about bee swarms so that you don’t accidentally kill the creatures we

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Former Child Actress Erin Moran Dead At 56

The Actress best known for her role as Joanie Cunningham has passed away at the age of 56; a sheriff’s department in Harrison County, Indiana has said. Police were called to her home on Saturday and found her unresponsive, later

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