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Artist After 6: Gloria Estefan

Artist After 6: Gloria Estefan. Hear her and other great artists in hour 1 of the Lounge at 7p. Click the link for the video “Get On Your Feet.” Pic: and YouTube

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Researchers May Have Pinpointed the Exact Amount of Money You Need to Be Happy

Humanity has been debating the truthfulness in that old adage “money can’t buy happiness” for centuries, but it seems we still don’t have a concrete answer. Some research has found that it does, but only up to $75,000 a year

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10 Secrets of Food Sample Demonstrators

Ever turn a corner in your local grocery store or warehouse club and see the aisle backed up? You might be able to blame a food sample demonstrator, those stationary sales representatives who invite congestion in stores by offering up

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Are You A Cat Person? Like To Travel? Read On

Are you a cat person?  Do you like to travel?  Well this opportunity might be for you.  Enjoy a free stay on a beautiful Greek Island.  Oh and you’ll be taking care of 55 cats in this cat sanctuary. See

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Lunchtime Trivia Tuesday, August 21

Q: This survey says nearly 25% of all distracted driving accidents were due to this.  What is it? A: Back seat drivers.   Source article Image –  

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It is a Collection of the Real Thing

David Andreani from Italy has a collection of 10,558 Coca-Cola cans from 87 countries. He holds the title of ‘Largest collection of soft drink cans of the same brand in the world. He received his first Coca Cola can back

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Rare New Baby Born At The Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is celebrating the birth of a rare and endangered pygmy hippopotamus. Twelve-year-old Kindia gave birth Friday night to a female calf, which the zoo says appears to be healthy and feeding well, but officials add the first

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Brainy Crows Trained to Pick Up Trash at Theme Park

A team of trained birds will really clean up at a French theme park, where they will collect and discard cigarette butts and other bits of trash. Six rooks — a type of bird in the crow family, native to

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A Surprise Engagement… And A Win For Their Team

An Edmonton couple stole the spotlight Saturday during the Edmonton Eskimos game. While featured on the “kiss cam” segment during the third quarter, Shaun Fletcher got down on one knee and proposed to Mallory Boone, his girlfriend of two years.

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Artist After 6: Michael Buble

Artist After 6: Michael Buble. Join him and other greats during the first hour of the Lounge at 7. Click the link for the video for “Hollywood.” and YouTube.

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Study: Half Of Workers Check In With Office While On Vacation

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Your smartphone may be making it hard for you to unplug while you’re on vacation. A new survey from the job placement agency Accountemps shows 56 percent of workers say they check in with the office during

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This Is the Best Day to Take off Work—and It’s Not Friday

Summer may have you envisioning long weekends, but when it comes to truly recharging, science says there’s a better day to take off than Friday. Our body clocks have a lot to do with it—our experience of time is determined

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Lunchtime Trivia For Monday August 20th

For Lunchtime Trivia for the day we turned to Wikipedia for a strange bit of information about something everyone knows about; with the Question: Over the years this has been used as everything from medicine, to a cure for dandruff,

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Guelph Race Car Driver Recovering After Frightening Crash

Canadian Robert Wickens is being treated for injuries to his lower extremities, right arm and spine following an accident in yesterday’s race at Pocono. IndyCar said the Canadian sustained a pulmonary contusion Sunday and will undergo an MRI and probable

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Waterloo Regional Police Services Helps 600 Children

Emergency service and community members rose to the occasion this year for Waterloo Regional Police Service’s #Backpack Challenge. Encouraging people to purchase a new backpack, lunch bag or $25 gift card to be donated to children in need last month, approximately 600

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