The Butterball Hotline is Open!

Are you cooking your very first bird and have a large crowd to impress? Fear not for the folks at Butterball have been helping nervous first timers for over 35 years. They have had some funny calls over the years including one woman who called in from a closet so her family couldn’t hear her. She whispered “Can you hear me? I’ve never cooked a turkey, and my mother-in-law is convinced I can’t cook—and I can’t cook, but I want to do it,” Butterball bird gurus walked her through all the steps, advising against basting the turkey (even though the mother-in-law insisted).

Still another time, a new dad called in from the hospital to make sure his turkey hadn’t been thawing too long at the house (just after his wife had given birth) The Talk-Line staffer asked how much it weighed, to which the flustered father replied, “The turkey or the baby?” After determining the turkey’s weight and thawing time, she assured him he would be able to deliver a safe, delicious Thanksgiving dinner by the time mom and baby got home.

Finally, a gentleman called to say that he had cut his frozen turkey in half with a chain saw and wanted to know if the oil from the chain would adversely affect the turkey.

So, any turkey stress you are experiencing should be manageable with a call to the hotline!  They are open today 10-6 (Eastern time)



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