Brantford International Villages Richard Day 3 And 4

Brantford International Villages Festival has reached its end for another year, but I thought I would still let you know how my last two days at the Festival went. Friday was a pretty quiet day; four days is quite a lot to get in. And unfortunately a dead battery means no photos of the day survived to make it onto this blog.


What I can tell you is this; if you have never been to the Scottish Village then you are missing something very special. Meat Pies, Bridies, Jelly Babies, Pipes, Drums, Fiddles, Dances. It’s all incredible.


So we move onto the final day of Villages, Saturday, which was action packed and full of photos to make up for Friday.


Decided to bring the kids along finally as they hadn’t been out yet and Villages is for everyone. We started our last day of our journey around the world in the Chinese Village.



Which was really well decorated with Paper Lanterns



And Flying Dragons



The kids grabbed a couple of wontons and chicken balls while we waited for the show to start. But as soon as the dancing dragons came out it was time to go.



I did manage to catch a glimpse of the martial arts display starting as I was pulled out the door. There was still much more to explore.


Next it was a stop over at the Caribbean Village which always has a groove and a feel to it that I just cannot explain; mellow and joyous all at the same time.



Unfortunately the line for food was a little too long to get something to eat to stall until the show started and so we were off once again.



Our next stop was Polish Polonaise.



The line for food was just as long; if not longer, than the one at Caribbean but everyone was hungry enough that this time we decided to wait it out.



And I’m glad we did! Perogies, Sausage, Meatballs, Potatoes, Cabbage Rolls, and Sweet Nothings (not pictured here), were enjoyed by all.



And we stayed long enough that the show started! So while the kids were still eating I managed to get some photos and enjoy the whole show. Including some excellent dancing from a visiting crew from London.



The traditional dances really do look simple and complicated at the same time.



The local dancers are no slumps themselves and their steps entertained!



And then out came a bear. And things got a bit funny from there.



This was a bit much for everyone and once again I was being escorted off to our next destination.



Sadly at this point it was well into the busy time and the lines at the India Village and the Scottish Village were so long we didn’t think we could handle them and that found us looking for a place to call home. And it what seems like a serendipitous finish to the journey we ended where I began; Atlantic Canada.


Just in time for dessert! Which was a piece of Blueberry Pie and some pralines and cream ice cream.



With full tummies and spirits we called it a night and made our way back home. Thanks to everyone who helps make the Brantford International Villages Festival happen each and every year. It has been a pleasure to experience it once again. If you have never been, be sure to check in with us again next summer and join us for Villages. You won’t regret it.


Photos by Richard Huskisson of Brantford International Villages.

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