Blue Super Moon January 30th

This month is going to see the first blue moon of the year. The first full moon happened as the year began, and now we will have the second full moon in the month which makes it a blue moon. Also this full moon will be happening very close to the moon’s perigee (closest in orbit to the earth) and that has been labelled a super moon. So, we will be getting a blue super moon to end January and if you were on the west coast you would get a lunar eclipse on top of that. This combination of events is so rare that NASA even put together a rather dramatic video on it.


Jan. 31, 2018 Super Blue Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse


From: Youtube.


Unfortunately this region will only be able to see a partial eclipse; though it may still be a blood moon. That is what happens during an eclipse when the light gets refracted making the moon look red. Which would mean we get a Super Blue Blood Moon in the early hours of January 31st.


With all of those effects going on, should you be the sort to believe that the moon influences people as well as weather, you could say that it might be the reason January has been so strange; beginning and ending with a full moon.


If you are interested in seeing the partial eclipse you will have to be up fairly early as it will peak just before it sets around 7:30 ET on Wednesday morning.


Image from public domain.

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