Beware of Your Kitchen Wiping Towel

Your kitchen towels could give you food poisoning, a study suggests, “Do you know what’s growing on your kitchen towels?. Researchers reached this conclusion by culturing bacteria from 100 kitchen towels collected after a full month of regular use and washing. Based on this evidence, they report bacterial growth on almost 50% percent of the towels. Specimens from families with children had more bacteria, while wet towels were more likely to have coliform bacteria (the family that E. coli comes from). Coliforms and staph bacteria were also more prevalent on towels that came from meat-eating families. Many people use kitchen towels, including disposable cloth towels for multiple things, from drying hands to wiping up spills, and that they frequently don’t give towels enough time or space to dry out. Changing kitchen hand towels regularly, washing hands frequently, and not using kitchen towels for more than one purpose are all basic practices that can reduce the chances of bacteria getting out of control and family members contracting food poisoning. Never reuse paper towels. They are meant for single use only. When used multiple times, bacteria can find itself onto the paper towel and hitch a ride around the kitchen. When used once, that bacteria ends up in the trash along with the paper towel. What do you use in the kitchen, cloth or paper towels?…..Ed
Source: Kat Eschner /Photo:Healthline

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