Baking Burns Calories For You

There was a study published recently in the Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences which is good news for fans of baking who are also trying to watch their waistlines! It seems that some calculations for the calories found in baked goods weren’t taking all the science into account.


The research, done by the University of British Columbia, suggest that up to 20% of the calories from sugar can be lost during the baking process and that would mean the food label might not reflect the actual calories consumed. They found this by comparing two kinds of cake dough; one using table sugar and one using a mixture of fructose and glucose and then baking them. In the cake made with the mixture (known as invert sugar) they found the larger decrease in calories, while the table sugar cake there was still a loss of 5 to 8 percent.


They then ground the cakes up and put them through a process that simulated the human digestive system and found that the invert sugar cake had a digestible or available calorie content which was decreased by 36% while the table sugar cake declined by 12%.


While this doesn’t necessarily mean the cakes or other baked goods are healthier for your diet it does mean the numbers might be a little different than what you thought. And it also shows that invert sugar (the fructose/glucose mix) had more of its calories burned off in the baking process. All of which could make them able to fit better into your diet if calories are a concern.


You can read the study and its results in its more scientific form here.

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