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45 Consecutive Years of presenting “The World at Your Doorstep” – The International Villages Festival is back!

It’s “The World at Your Doorstep” for four fabulous days from Wednesday July 4th to Saturday July 7th, the 45th edition of the Brantford International Villages Cultural Festival!. 45 years of bringing world class memories to the city, this year

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Hey Moms: Here’s how you can sneak some ‘me’ time into your day.

Being a mom is awesome. You’ve always got something to do, and people who want to be with you. That’s great when your kids are pulling you towards the swings at the park or snuggling close while you read them

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Who Americans like the most…

A new survey by YouGov in the US lists the most popular Canadians according to Americans, and they are: Michael J Fox 73% Keanu Reeves 67% Dan Aykroyd 63% Jim Carrey 62% William Shatner 61% Celine Dion 58% Ryan Gosling

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Study says meetings actually ruin productivity

Regular meetings ruin productivity because workers are constantly worried about running late, a study has found. Staff anticipating a meeting – or people expecting a friend for dinner – mentally subtract up to 30 per cent of the time they

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Royal grass…a real gas!

Chris Naylor has gotten into the spirit of this weekends royal wedding by cutting grass or rather cutting an image of the royal couple into the grass. The image is emblazoned on a farm field in Braintree, Essex and is

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The Award show jet ski that keeps on giving.

Phantom Thread costume designer Mark Bridges has decided to give away the Jet Ski that Jimmy Kimmel gave him for having the Oscar’s shortest speech. Bridges, who also won the Oscar for costume design, evidently had no use for the

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Do you share your financial secrets?

First comes love, then comes marriage. But what about mapping out money for the month, paying bills and balancing a checkbook? That has to fall somewhere in the middle right? Or does it? A new study from financial firm Aspiration

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Potato chips could be your nemesis!

Here’s the deal on the chips: the average person would have to sing Coldplay and Beyonce songs for 30 minutes to burn off one potato chip with French onion dip.( the average person would have to run 49 football fields

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The times and our lunches, they are a’ changin’.

IKEA is putting mealworms into its burgers. More accurately, it’s taking beef out of burgers and replacing it with a concoction of mealworms and root vegetables. Delicious. These bug burgers are part of what IKEA has dubbed the “fast food

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Will other teams follow suit?

Major League Baseball has spent a lot of time wondering about how to court and keep young fans and how to get more families to the ballpark. While I’m sure they have retained all manner of marketing and demographic experts

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But they’re soooo cute!

A new research piece says: Newborns may be considered ugly. Adults find babies most appealing when they reach around six months old, a study found. Previous research suggests babies have evolved ‘cute’ characteristics, such as big eyes, chubby cheeks and

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A Royal brew is in the works!

The Drinks Business website claims the Windsor and Eton Brewery has created a limited edition Prince Harry and Meghan Markle beer called Windsor Knot. The beer will go on sale in the UK on March 28th. Master Brewer Paddy Johnson

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Avoid a cranky kid: How to prepare them for the time change

Are the kids a bit cranky today? Could be the time change.   “All developing children will feel the pain of a time change,” Dr. Ann Halbower said. “The most severely affected are teenagers who tend to have a genetic

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Happy Birthdays!

James Taylor (70), Liza Minnelli (72) and Barbara Feldon aka Agent 99 (85) are a few of the birthday celebrants today.   Also celebrating are Mitt Romney (71), Marlon Jackson (61), and voice actor Frank Welker (72)   Happy Birthday

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This just in…the robot takeover is on hold…for the time being.

The robot takeover may have hit a snag: The machine that was said to be one of the most formidable opponents of the human workforce has turned out to be somewhat underqualified for the job. ‘Flippy’, the name of the

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