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Canada’s First ‘Pod’ Hotel Will Open Next Spring In Whistler Village

What’s being touted as Canada’s first pod hotel will open in Whistler next spring. Construction is currently underway on the $10-million Pangea Pod Hotel, a property consisting of 88 self-contained ‘sleeping pods’ spread across several custom suites, located in the

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Pilots Celebrate Their Anniversary By Sharing Their Love Of The Skies

Thomson Airways (UK) pilot Henry Brewis had quite the surprise for wife Hayley on their 27th wedding anniversary! The couple – both of whom are pilots for the airline – were set to spend the special day apart due to

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Sheriff’s Department Can’t Quite Believe The Announcement They Had To Make…

Sgt. Billy Irvin, of Jacksonville, Florida, found himself unexpectedly in the spotlight last week after he leaped into the St. Johns River to save a woman who was floating in the water. According to a June 8 post the Jacksonville

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Kindness Meters Arrive In London

A new set of parking meters is up and running in downtown London, but they’re there to give your money instead of just take it. They’re called ‘Kindness Meters’ and after nearly two years of lobbying by London’s Lincoln McCardle,

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Do “Good” And “Bad” Cholesterol Still Matter?

For years “bad” and “good” cholesterol have been the yin and yang of heart health, the two lipids around which so much advice revolves. Bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein, or LDL) deposits excess cholesterol in your arteries, where it can build

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Dogs In A Democracy, Pooches In Politics

Have you ever brought your pet with you to a voting location? It seems to be a relatively common occurence in Britain. A number of photos have come out of voters in yesterday’s British general election coming out to cast

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Bridesmaid’s Boyfriend Proposes At Her Best Friend’s Wedding… And This Heartwarming Photo Catches It Perfectly

If there’s one part of a wedding you might not describe as “beautiful”, it could be the bouquet toss. In fact, it sometimes gets ugly. Yet one photographer has caught a truly touching moment courtesy of a bride who used

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Stressed Out Adults Can Now Recall Those Sweet Daycare Years

If you feel nostalgic about playing with Lego and snuggling under your blankie at naptime, here’s a chance to relive those happy times. A Montreal couple is opening a daycare centre where adults can reconnect with their inner child, whether

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“Tell Them Chrissy Sent You” Resonates In Canadian Shelters

On any given day, about 200 people will walk through the front doors of Calgary’s Alpha House in search of a hot meal, help kicking a drug addiction or perhaps just a little shelter. Over the course of a year,

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Adorable Little Sister Isn’t As Little As Her Family Expected

This Florida family just got a whole lot bigger. Baby Carleigh Brooke Corbitt was born last month, weighing in at 13 pounds, 5 ounces. “When the pediatrician showed her to me across the curtain, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh,

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What Would You Do If You Won $55,000,000?

For a Quebec couple who’d just won a $55-million lottery prize, Ann-Marie Francis and Ian Warcup sounded like not much would immediately change in their lives. Francis and her husband said they will both likely retire from their jobs, but

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Curious Bear Enters Colorado Home; Checks Out Piano

A Colorado family arrived home to find their house had been ransacked over the weekend by a vandal with “grizzly” intentions. The family first believed their Vail home had been the target of thieves, but when they looked at the security footage,

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Alberta Man Not Concerned About Tornado As He Cuts The Grass

A photograph of a Canadian man mowing a lawn with a tornado swirling behind him has caused a bit of a storm on social media. Cecilia Wessels snapped the picture of her husband, Theunis, on Friday as the twister passed

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Teen Scales Canada’s Highest Peak

The day after Naomi Prohaska reached the top of Yukon’s Mount Logan, she woke up in her tent with a blister on her face. The 15-year-old had frostbite on her cheek, nose and ear, caused by frozen air seeping through cracks

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OPP’s New GPS Dart Successful In Real-Life Incident

Provincial police say their Satellite Technology Apprehension Response system has performed successfully in a real-life incident. They say a ‘STAR’-equipped O-P-P vehicle tagged a pickup truck and trailer that had allegedly refused to stop for London police on Wednesday. Investigators

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