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Identical Twins Have Their New Babies Just Hours Apart

Identical twin sisters have given birth to their babies just hours apart in the same hospital. Rachael McGeoch and Becky Pistone, 34, had due dates that were 13 days apart. But as Pistone’s due date drew near, and McGeoch became

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Most Pampered Pets In Canada

The city of Vancouver has the most pampered pets in Canada, according to data released by Amazon’s fifth annual pampered pets list was compiled using sales data for pet related items from from August 2016 to August 2017

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Celebrities Express Shock At The Sudden Passing Of Tom Petty

Some of the moving tweets included: “I loved Tom Petty and I covered his songs because I wanted know what it felt like to fly. ‘you belong somewhere you feel free.’” –John Mayer “What a horrid day for our country,

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Is Your ‘Type’ Tall, Dark and Inked?

We’re always being asked what our type is. Do we prefer dark hair? Someone who is tall, or who loves dogs?  And though romantic partners come in all different shapes and sizes, a new survey has revealed that there is

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Tracking A Deadly Deer Infection In Ontario

Ontario hunters and anyone closer to nature this weekend are being asked to be on the lookout for deer exhibiting symptoms of EHD, or epizootic hemorrhagic disease, an infection wildlife officials are trying to track. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry issued

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Thank You For Your Distinguished Service, Cinder

The Winnipeg police have bid a sad farewell to their first female service dog. Cinder, who was born into the Winnipeg police’s canine breeding program in 2001, died at 16 years old. She was “laid to rest” on Sept. 25,

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Cute Little Pixie Rose Has Nicer Hair Than Some Of Us Grown-Ups

Baby Pixie Rose Masters has been seen sporting an impressive head of hair since being born two months ago. “When she was first born we noticed there was something sort of different,” her mom, Jennifer Masters, 32, of Lancaster, England, said.

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Little Girl Hides At School; Mom Upset School Didn’t Notice

An Edmonton mother is upset after her five-year-old daughter wasn’t accounted for until she was found outside an hour after school started on Monday morning. Destiny Bruce, 22, received a phone call from staff at Athlone School two hours after

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Feel $$$ Slipping Away, But Don’t Know Exactly Where?

Experts’ Top Tips To Curb Uncontrolled Spending – Shop with cash Leave that plastic at home. Take enough cash to purchase what you need and no more. You can’t spend what you don’t have. The amount we tend to spend

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What Are Those Letters On All My Zippers?

So, the letters “YKK” are on a LOT of zippers. Have you ever wondered why? They stand for the manufacturer, “Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha.”  If you’ve ever taken a close look at the zippers on your clothes, you’ve probably noticed the

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Quick-Thinking Groom Saves Boy Struggling In Water

A newly-married couple was posing for their wedding pictures Friday in Kitchener when the groom suddenly noticed a child struggling in the river nearby and jumped into the water to save him. Darren Hatt, the wedding photographer, who was shooting the groom,

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Free Agent Frenzy Calms Down — But What About Shoe Deal Frenzy?

The NBA’s free agent frenzy died down a couple months ago, but another one is just getting started. On Oct. 1, a handful of established and rising NBA stars will hit the open market, and brands like Nike, Adidas, Under

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University of Guelph Homecoming Leaves Big Mess In Its Wake

The Mayor of Guelph delivered a strong message after a destructive homecoming weekend at the University of Guelph. Massive parties took over several streets around the university and brought calls for police, along with destruction and garbage. Cam Guthrie says

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Silly Rabbit… Folks Demand Their Chemicals Back

Trix is back to its old tricks. The colorful cereal will once again be made with artificial dyes and flavors, nearly two years after they were banished from the cereal. Food maker General Mills said Thursday that “Classic” Trix will

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And I Thought My Library Books Were Overdue…

On Nov. 21, 1938 a partial solar eclipse passed over the Pacific Ocean from East Asia to the west coast of the United States, the moon blocking the sun… World War II was just around the corner… And a library

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