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Backyard Hazard For Dogs

It started as any other day for Emma Medeiros as she took her pooches out to answer nature’s call when she noticed discarded hot dogs in her yard that had not been there the day before. She discovered about 15

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Canadian Woman Chosen For Exclusive Expedition To Antarctica

It’s easy to take water for granted, it is all around us after all, but it holds a special attraction for Sylvia Struck. “Water is such a fascinating substance,” she said. “There is no alternative for water. It’s imbued with cultural significance, economic

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It’s Not Such A Weird Question: Which Way Do you Face in The Shower?

Every so often, a question comes along that divides the nation. Who should be the president? And now, which way do you face in the shower? It might not be a topic that’s literally ever crossed your mind until this

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Twin Sisters Turn 100 – In Adorable Style

To have a twin is a true blessing, but to have a twin that is able to celebrate all the milestones in your life, including your 100th birthday, well, that’s just a miracle. Identical twin sisters Maria Pignaton Pontin and

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7th Annual Bob Probert Ride To Benefit Cardiac Care

Continuing a tradition of having the motorcycle pack led by aggressive professional hockey players, former NHLer Dave Hutchison will be ride captain of the 7th annual Bob Probert Ride on June 25. As many as 1,200 participants have rolled out of

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Ontario Teen Receives Inaugural ‘Diana Award’

Faith Dickinson has spent much of her young life spreading literal warmth, ever since she first made a blanket for her aunt to ward off the chills that accompanied treatment for Stage 4 breast cancer. That was five years ago.

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Why? Just Why? Man Injured After Trying To Kiss Snake

A Florida man is recovering in hospital after being bitten on the tongue by a rattle snake, local media reported. Ron Reinold was playing on Tuesday with a rattlesnake captured the previous day by a neighbour when he attempted to

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“Boring” Sens Come Back To Life For Game 3

The same Senators who lulled many a hockey fan to sleep to begin the Eastern Conference finals sent the series into a frenzy with a five-goal outburst in Wednesday’s Game 3, converting their 5-1 victory into a two-games-to-one lead over

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What To Do About A Smelly Dishwasher

It’s gross, but it can happen… So here are some tips to help. Let vinegar work its magic. Fill a glass cup or bowl with about one cup of distilled white vinegar, and place it snugly on the top rack

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Cybersecurity Experts Schooled By 11 Year Old

Cybersecurity experts were shocked Tuesday when a sixth grader showed them just how easy it would be to hack their mobile devices and weaponize a seemingly innocuous item-in this case, his smart teddy bear. At a cyber safety conference in

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Couple’s Plane Tickets Home From Portugal Suspended; Costs Them More Than $6000

A Newfoundland couple travelling home from Portugal was shocked to discover at the airport that Air Canada had suspended their tickets — and the only way to get back to St. John’s was to book new one-way fares for almost

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Man’s Best Friend On The Roof

Some dogs like to play fetch, some dogs like to chase their tails, some like to curl up next to you, some just want their tummies scratched, and apparently some dogs like to hangout on their owners’ roofs. At least

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Tenants “Destroy” Home

A Regina man was forced to return home from a trip early after he says the tenants he found to rent his home had left the place trashed. Zachary Nenson had a month left of his six month trip to

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“Suspicious Package” Detonated Outside Etobicoke School

It took three tries, but Toronto police managed to detonated a suspicious package that was discovered at a local school Sunday night. Police were called to St. Eugene Catholic school in the city’s northwest end after reports of three teens

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So Glad To Not Be On This Flight…

A scorpion found its way onto a United Airlines plane in Texas, crawling out of a passenger’s clothing and setting off a flight-delaying search through the cabin. In the end, the passengers departed on another plane and it was not

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