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Which Foods Are Safe To Eat When They’re Moldy?

  Mold is usually a pretty clear indicator that food is past its prime ― most instincts will encourage people to steer clear. And it’s a good instinct, because some molds produce mycotoxins, which are poisonous substances that can make

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It’s The Greatest Garden Festival In Canada

  The scent of fresh flowers, the oxygen from an abundance of greenery and the aroma of several hundred tons of clean dirt might make your head spin a little, after months of winter garden slumber. Canada Blooms opened  alongside

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You Can Rent an Inflatable Irish Pub for Your Backyard

  It’s easier than ever to get yourself to a pub for St Paddy’s day—just order an inflatable one for the backyard. The inflatable Irish pub is the adult successor to the bouncy castle. All you have to do is

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What’s Inside Tiger Balm? Hint: Not Actual Tigers

  Anyone who’s stood within wafting distance of athletes knows the smell: Tiger Balm. The classic pain-relieving ointment can be traced to a Chinese herbalist who began selling it in the 1870s, and sold around the world. The balm promises

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Survey 2017 Reveals The Best Country In The World

  The survey, released this week by U.S. News & World Report in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania, gave Switzerland the top spot and ranked the U.S. seventh down from fourth. The survey was taken by 21,000 respondents around

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Waterloo Region Temporarily Out Of Green Bins

  With garbage collection changed to a bi-weekly service in Waterloo Region, many are switching over to the green bin or at least stepping up composting. But the region is now saying, they are temporarily out of green bins due

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Monitor Your Pets While You’re Away With This Ball

  Have you often wondered what mischief dogs and cats gets into when not home. You could install a camera to keep an eye on them but that would only cover a single room and pets are very active. Fortunately,

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This Bride-To-Be Made A Wedding Dress Out Of Taco Wrappers

  One bride-to-be is taking her love for Taco’s to the extreme. Diane Nguyen created a wedding dress from 200 (new, not used) Taco Bell wrappers. The stunt is for Taco Bell’s new “Love and Tacos” contest, which will send

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The On Going Campaign For Canada’s National Bird

  The Canadian government has never named a national bird, to the dismay of many of this countries citizens. Bird lovers have rallied behind an unexpected choice: the tough, friendly Gray Jay. Naturalist Jack Miner was a man who appreciated

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Someone Paid $15,000 For A Chunk Of Mold

  It probably saved your life. You probably owe your life to a particular fungus. And someone just paid almost $15,000 for it. At least, they hope they just spent almost $15,000 on that particular fungus. It might not actually

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Amazon Goes To The Moon

  In a confidential white paper sent to NASA and the Trump administration, Jeff Bezos’ of Amazon’s rocket company, Blue Origin, are proposing plans for establishing a colony on the moon. A seven-page document emphasizes cargo missions and transport. When

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Move Over Liz: This Man Claims To Be The Rightful King

  Britain could have a new king. An American is clamouring for the crown jewels. A Colorado resident named Allan V. Evans took out an ad claiming to be the rightful monarch in an edition of the Times of London.

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Survey, Things Men Find Unattractive About Women

  According to this survey here are the things men find unattractive about women, written by a woman. Makeup: Keep it natural. Men don’t want to go in for a kiss and come out looking like they just joined the

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Why Do People Vape? You Might Be Surprised

  The reasons people use e-cigarettes are shifting: Fewer people are using them to quit smoking, and more people are using them to boost their social image, a new study finds. The findings could have important implications for public health,

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The Days of Aging In Old Wooden Casks Maybe Gone

  For many liquors, aging is the key to their distinct flavors. Brandy is no exception, with top-shelf labels spending years in casks. But chemists think they have discovered a shortcut—ultrasound. Spanish researchers shot a river of brandy through a

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