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Homeless Man Says $400,000 Raised To Help Him Is Gone

A chance encounter between Johnny Bobbitt and Kate McClure changed both their lives, he said her generosity inspired an “indescribable” feeling, however, less than a year later, that feeling has become devastation. Bobbitt and his attorney say that more $400,000

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Brampton Fossil Hunter Finds Surprise in his Garden

Lawrence McKinley has been interested in fossils since he was a kid. He’s fossil hunted around Ontario, but little did he know when he bought his current home on Windermere Court that a couple of prime specimens came with the

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Beware of Your Kitchen Wiping Towel

Your kitchen towels could give you food poisoning, a study suggests, “Do you know what’s growing on your kitchen towels?. Researchers reached this conclusion by culturing bacteria from 100 kitchen towels collected after a full month of regular use and

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There Is Something Even Worse Than Plastic Straws When It Comes To Ocean Waste

Everyone has been talking plastic straws recently when it comes to ocean waste. But there are bigger fish to fry. One of those appears to be cigarette butts, according to a report by NBC News. They reported it was the

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Get Ready for Fall

It’s as good as time as any right now as the first day of autumn arrives September 22nd. In the home start by sorting drawers, closets and cupboards: toss out or donate old items to charity, and properly arrange seasonal

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Cambridge’s St. Andrews Street Horse Trough Saved

As work continues on the reconstruction of St. Andrews Street in west Galt, a piece of local nostalgia is being preserved. The old concrete water trough will be relocated a few feet away from its current location which is practically

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What to do With Your RESP if your Child doesn’t Pursue Postsecondary Education

So your kid has decided to pass on postsecondary education. Don’t fret—here’s what you can do so that cash doesn’t go to waste. Most parents who sock money into a registered education savings plan (RESP) for their kids assume the

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Can You Stop Snoring!!

Snoring is one of humanity’s great problems. We’ve all lost sleep from someone sawing logs. This habit isn’t just a nuisance—it actually affects your health. Luckily, there are a few ways to stop it. Snorers produce that gravely sound because

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Stallone’s Turtles From Rocky Are Still Swimming

Forty Two years ago Sylvester Stallone bought a pair of turtles at a pet store for an iconic scene from the movie Rocky. While working on his new movie Sylvester Stallone posted a selfie revealing that his two “original buddies,”

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Pianos Return to Downtown Guelph

The pianos are back. Eight pianos that make up the Happy Making Piano project have been placed around Downtown Guelph for the public to play. They are available now until the end of September. The Happy Making Piano is the

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School Zone Infractions Can Be Costly

Summer vacation time will soon be ending and the kids will be back in school next week. With over two million students commuting every day in Ontario, we all need to ensure the neighbourhoods around our schools are as safe

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Things Dogs Should Never Eat

We may treat our pets like they’re human, but that doesn’t mean they get to eat “people food.” Two vets, Dr. Richard Goldstein of New York’s Animal Medical Center as well as Pamela Edwards of New York’s Hope Veterinary Clinic,

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It’s time to get your child on a school sleep schedule

The countdown is on for the first day of school and Wendy Hall a nursing professor wants parents to ensure their child’s sleep cycle is on track. She says, “It’s better if you start sooner rather than later,” Whatever went

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Waterloo collector has ‘Superman,’ issue No. 1

Rui Couto has a battered, old 10-cent comic book, a 64-page time capsule from 1939 encased in a crystalline transparency. The Cambridge-raised collector paid US$45,000 to obtain “Superman” No. 1. There are believed to be only 32 in the world

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The Healthiest Cold Breakfast Cereals, Ranked By Nutritionists

Although debate continues on whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day, breakfast cereal sales keep growing year after year, with $15 billion in revenue expected this year. Though cereal is certainly appealing for its quick and easy

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