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Lady-Friendly Doritos Will Not Happen!!

UPDATE: Due to an outcry from consumers this statement was released this morning. PepsiCo says that “the reporting on a specific Doritos product for female consumers is inaccurate. “We already have Doritos for women–they’re called just Doritos, and they’re enjoyed

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Hamilton Mystery Millionaire Holds $23.3M Winning Ticket

The winner of a $23.3 million lottery ticket that was sold in the Hamilton region knows they hit the jackpot but haven’t claimed their prize. The OLG has confirmed that the winning ticket has been validated at a retail location

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Canada’s Most in-Demand Jobs for 2018

Job openings are popping up all over Canada, but there’s a handful of roles that top rankings across Canada and across a variety of industries in terms of the sheer volume of “wanted” ads, according to research by human resources

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Willie Says 6 more Weeks of Winter let’s Make the Best of It!!

Winter doesn’t mean the end of outdoor life, but rather the start of a whole new season of activities that can’t be enjoyed other times throughout the year! Let’ have a look in the area thanks to the Hamilton Conservation

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Are the Nickel’s Days Numbered?

Desjardins economists who provides financial services to people and businesses says it’s only a matter of time before Canada’s nickel goes the way of the penny. A senior economist says that the five-cent piece will seem increasingly less useful because

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It’s Mouse Infested and Drafty, It’s 24 Sussex Drive

Prime Minister Trudeau says it is unlikely he’ll ever return to live at 24 Sussex Drive, the deteriorating, mouse-infested, hydro-draining and official residence of Canada’s head of government sits vacant. An auditor general’s report in 2008 called for “urgent” repairs

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Hamilton Puts Bigger Bite on Dog Barking

Hamilton has put more teeth into measures to stop incessant dog barking. An animal control officer, rather than a noise bylaw officer, will now be the first to pay the offending dog owner a visit — to tell them there

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It’s Ground Hog Day!!

Groundhog Day, the tradition is celebrated in the United States and Canada every February 2nd. It derives from the Pennsylvania Dutch superstition that if a groundhog emerging from its burrow on this day sees a shadow due to clear weather,

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Do Second-Hand Toys Pose Health Risk for Kids

Over time, laws keeping toys safe for our children have evolved. That means, in theory, toys you find at the thrift shop, yard sale or second hand store may harbor toxins that would not be legal in toys being sold

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The Man Behind the Dancing ‘Left Shark’

The Super Bowl halftime show is arguably as big a spectacle as the actual game. And back in 2015, it launched an unwitting star. Katy Perry was the halftime artist, but one of her dancers stole the spotlight. During her

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Maple Syrup Festival Time is Almost Here

Start planning, spring will soon be in the air at Westfield as they host their annual Maple Syrup Festival! Discover one of Canada’s most time-honoured and tasty traditions. Explore historical and modern methods of making of maple syrup from the

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Area Businesses Warned About Quick-Change Scam Artists

Waterloo Regional and Cambridge Police are warning local businesses to be aware of quick-change scam artists who have been stealing money by tricking cashiers lately. How this works is, the scam artists purchase a low-priced item using a large bill,

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It’s Pothole Season

Hamilton’s streets are a jittery ride as city crews scramble to keep up with thousands of potholes. The freeze-and-thaw weather, record cold, then warmer temperatures has caused asphalt to heave. That means thousands of new potholes forming around the city.

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A Word of Warning From Fire Officials

Fire fighters say make sure you have working carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. The Public Education Officer with Waterloo Fire says there is an increase in CO calls in Waterloo Region over the winter months. They see an increase in

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There Are Dangers Hidden in The Northern Ice and Tundra and They Are Waking Up!!

Throughout history, humans have existed side-by-side with bacteria and viruses. From the bubonic plague to smallpox, we have evolved to resist them, and in response they have developed new ways of infecting us. We have had antibiotics for almost a

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