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The Bat Signal In Los Angeles To Honor Adam West

Los Angeles will pay tribute to the late Adam West by lighting the Bat signal tonight. Adam West, who passed away earlier this month at the age of 88, played the role on the 1960s Batman TV series. DC Comics

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Fresh Baked Bread In Space

What’s more dangerous in space then a vicious alien, it bread! Not joking. Some 50 years ago, two astronauts sneaked a corned beef sandwich onboard NASA’s 1965 Gemini 3, and without gravity, the bread crumbs went wild. They could have

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Father’s Day Gifts For That Outdoorsy Dad

Need some ideas for father’s day this weekend, but nothing comes to mind except socks and a tie, try these fun idea’s, the inflatable lounger you can take anywhere for a quick nap. “Really comfortable! , When deflated you can

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Jay Leno and Hamilton’s Warplane Heritage Museum

An American celebrity collector was looking for a vintage aircraft part, a Northstar horseshoe radiator to be precise, one that works with a Second World War-era Merlin aircraft engine. It didn’t take long for the search to reach the Canadian

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‘Critical Need’ for Blood Donations in Canada

Canadian Blood Services says it has a “critical need” for donors to replenish its inventory. The agency is supposed to have enough units of blood to meet its needs for a period of five to eight days, but director of

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Parents Totally Have A Favorite Child

For your entire lifetime, your parents have kept up a very good lie. Whether you were the straight A sibling or the one acting out in class, your parents have led you to believe that they love all their children

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Michael Jordan’s Old Olympic 1984 Sneakers

With Michael Jordan widely considered as the greatest basketball player of all-time, his iconic shoes and other merchandise are being sold at a very high price. Recently, his smelly game worn 1984 Olympic sneakers was sold in an auction for

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Penguins Are Stanley Cup Winners

The Pittsburgh Penguins shut out the Predators 2-0 Sunday night in Nashville, Tenn., to win their second straight championship. The Penguins have won five championships — all of them on the road. The game was scoreless until the third period

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This Is The Guy Who Played Barney For 10 Years

If you thought the guy who played Barney The Dinosaur was a down-on-his-luck actor who took the role just to pay his rent, think again. David Joyner was the man who wore the Barney costume for a decade on the

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Permits For Child-Run Lemonade Stands

The National Capital Commission that runs touristy areas has put out a call for young entrepreneurs. One year after shutting down a lemonade stand two young sisters set up to quench the thirst of passersby; the NCC has implemented a

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Baby Bird Discovered From 100 million years Ago In Amber

We’ve found bugs, poisonous flowers and even feathery dinosaur bits trapped in prehistoric amber, but for the first time scientists say they have a nearly complete baby bird in the stuff. Around 100 million years ago, the little hatchling found

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Khaleesi The Bull Dog Loves Her Movies

Humans are not the only ones who like watching a good scary movie, animals get drawn in too. Khaleesi the bulldog loves watching countless horror movies and always tries to protect any potential victims in the movie from harm! She

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Frisbee Hacks Every Camper Should Know

When building inspector Fred Morrison sold his plastic flying disc to WHAM-O in 1955, he didn’t know that he’d launched the perfect camping tool. They’re not just for catch, you can cook a meal, fix a boat, or make a

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More Headaches For Those Traveling In Preston.

The intersection of King and Eagle is getting ready to close adding even more delays in the already traffic laden area of Cambridge. The closure is expected to start the evening of Friday June 16, and last four days, reopening

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How Accurate is Your Cars Speedometer?

Here’s an example, Steve Wightman of Bellville noticed other vehicles whizzing past him on the highway at what he thought was the speed limit, he decided to investigate, so he took his 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander on the highway, along with

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