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Millions of Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses Are Flooding the Market

If you’re planning to view the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, make sure you’ve got the right safety gear. Phony eclipse glasses are currently flooding the marketplace, according to the American Astronomical Society. This counterfeit equipment falsely claims to

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Try This, Yoga Atop A Horse

Move Over Goat Yoga, Now There’s Horse Yoga, you thought you’ve seen it all. Yoga with dogs. Yoga with cats. Yoga with bunnies. Even recently yoga with goats. But yoga with horses is new. A woman by the name of

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Be NASA’s New Planetary Protection Officer

It sounds like a pretty cool job . Sort of like the Star Trek Federation protecting the planet from alien invasion, you wear possibly an awesome outfit, probably a supergalactic weapon of some kind? Not quite, but NASA really is

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The Most Annoying Drink You Can Order on a Plane

One of the worst places for impatience to set in is on an airplane. When your dry mouth hits at a high altitude, it’s like a perfect storm for grumpy behavior. Some advice: don’t order a Diet Coke if you’re

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Police Warn of ‘High-Pressure Sales Door To Door’ Tactics

Concerns about a group of people that “appear to be using high-pressure sales tactics” in Ayr have prompted police to remind residents in all communities to be diligent and firm when dealing with such situations. Police received a report about

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Earth’s Last Total Solar Eclipse is Coming

Most of North America right now is gearing up for a total solar eclipse on August 21, the first major eclipse to cross the mainland since 1918. But here is something to consider, our far distant descendants, may never experience

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Driving Rules You May Have Forgotten

If it has been years since your last driver’s test chances are you’ve forgotten one or two of the finer points. So, lets refresh your memory with a few things you should always remember when you’re behind the wheel. Grasp

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Rabies Vaccine Droppings For Guelph and Wellington County

These loonie-sized packets containing the rabies vaccine are starting to show up in Guelph and Wellington County. If you find one, you should leave it alone unless it’s in a spot where kids might find it. In those cases, you

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Secrets Of People Whose Homes Are Always Clean

We all have that friend: every time you go to his or her house, everything is in its place, the counters are shining, now a few tricks to keeping your house looking good a solid 80% of the time. These

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Kitchener King Street Reopens to Cheers

There were cheers and even high fives as a key downtown Kitchener intersection finally reopened to traffic. City, regional, provincial and federal politicians gathered on Friday afternoon to celebrate the completed King Street grade separation — a major milestone and

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Drive Through Weddings In Niagara

Elope Niagara’s Little Log Wedding Chapel, now offers the Niagara Falls region’s only drive-thru wedding service, and is designed to service a range of couples. Crystal Wedding Chapel & Drive-Thru in London, Ont., was Canada’s first chapel to offer a

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Prince William Works Final Air Ambulance Shift

Prince William will complete his final shift in his job as an air ambulance pilot this Thursday as he gets ready to take on more extensive royal duties. The 35 year old heir to the British throne is working the

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Wedding Dresses With Pockets For The Effortlessly Cool Bride

One of life’s simple pleasures is discovering that a great dress just so happens to have pockets. Why? Because you can store things in there. Pockets are a detail that makes any piece of clothes more casual, more comfortable and

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Gift Card Scams on The Rise

An anniversary present turned into a headache for an Oshawa, Ont. couple after a brand new Visa gift card was abruptly declined at a local restaurant. Joe and Patty James celebrated 49 years of marriage at a party last weekend.

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Residents Have A Beef With Huge Chrome Cow

Residents of a Markham neighbourhood want a towering cow sculpture installed 10 days ago by the city to just moooove on. The unhappy people gathered this week to give their local councilor Alan Ho, who voted last year to approve

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