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Prince William Hand Delivers Little George’s Christmas List

Prince William personally delivered a very special note to Santa Claus. Bumping into the guy with the big white beard during a walkabout in chilly Helsinki, Finland, the royal dad of two handed over a handwritten note from his son,

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It’s The Gift-Giving Time of Year, But Not Counterfeit

It’s the gift-giving time of year and one of the most requested gifts is simply money. But Hamilton police are warning people to take a closer look at their holiday cash after they’ve discovered an abrupt increase in fake Canadian

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Warning: This 1988 Home Video Of A Kid Getting A Nintendo Is Intensely Nostalgic

A massive tube television on a roller stand, the “Ghostbusters” theme song playing in the background, a beer stein collection, striped polo shirts, gerbil cages, and a kid getting a new Nintendo — this video may be too ’80s for

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NASA Launched this Record into Space Now, You Can Own A Copy

A NASA-created phonograph album, the Voyager Golden Record, 40 years ago and it’s travelling in space in search of a listener. It’s “intended to communicate a story of our world to extraterrestrials,” Of course, the extraterrestrials have to stumble upon

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Creepy Things That Are Hiding Inside Your Christmas Tree

We drape our Christmas trees in tinsel, adorn them with fairy lights, deck them in baubles and generally love to jazz them up. But even without all this ornamentation, there might be a lot more to our Christmas trees than

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Why Rose Didn’t Share the Floating Door With Jack In ‘Titanic”

Titanic debuted in theatres 20 years ago, yet one question still bugs viewers: Why couldn’t Jack have fit on the door with Rose after the ship sank? It sure looked like there was enough room. Now, the film’s director, James

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The Most-Returned Holiday Gifts and Least

While you’re spreading holiday cheer this season, you might want to spare a thought to where your carefully chosen gifts might end up. Chances are the answer is right back where they started. Fifty-four percent of all holiday gifts were

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Secret Santa Gifts Your Co-workers Will Actually Like

It’s that time of the year again when you’re looking for an acceptable item that can be re-gifted to the co-worker whose name they pulled out of the Secret Santa hat. But what if you actually got your colleague something

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Couple Waited 9 Years To Open A Wedding Gift

Kathy and Brandon Gunn of Michigan have been married nine years, but up until this year, they still had one wedding present sitting unopened in their closet. Kathy explaining why the couple had waited so long to open the gift

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What You Can and Can’t Take From Your Hotel Room

Every vacation stay must come to an end with a little something to take home with you. For most, that’s picking up something in a gift shop, but for some it becomes criminal. From the tiny bottles of shampoo and

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Here Are Some of Santa’s Hottest Toys

Santa is busy with 2017’s hottest toy suggestions; lets take a look a few. The Nerf Nitro Longshot Smash from Hasbro, Kids can design their own stunts and fire foam cars with powerful, high-performing Nerf blasters. The Star Wars: BB-8

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Waterloo To Build a New Modern East Side Library

Waterloo’s next library will have lots of glass, books and computers. Waterloo council plans to increase taxes below one per cent to help operate a fourth library branch that is slated to open in the fall of 2020 and will

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Meghan Markle Prepares to Move into The Palace

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appear to have had their wedding date confirmed by the Archbishop of Canterbury with Westminster Abbey or St Paul’s Cathedral the location this summer. Meghan Markle arrived in London this week, and there’s only one

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Experts Say Putting Up Christmas Decorations Early Can Make You Happier

Some people snicker when they see houses decked out in festive lights and reindeer on the lawn in November. But next time you see a Christmas tree glittering in a window hold your tongue, ’cause the people who are already

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Things You Should Never Touch When Visiting For The Holidays

It’s that time of year were you find yourself dropping by to see friends and family or hosting a gathering. When hosting, you want your guests to feel at home. Show them where the glasses are, give them full control

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