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Coffee ‘not essential for life’ according to Swiss Government

In Canada, people feel withdrawal symptoms without a morning cup of joe and will wait in ridiculously long lines to pick up their double-double. But appears the Swiss government isn’t so keen on java. Switzerland will end its emergency stockpile

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A bean-bag so you can be seated wherever you go

Chances are that one day you’ll be forced to wait for a meet-and-greet, midnight movie premiere, waiting for tickets, waiting in line at the supermarket or commute? Take a sit down at the expense of others who might be squeezing

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Did dinosaurs eat salads?

The Tyrannosaurus rex was a nightmarish lizard, a menacing meat-eater that chomped down on other dinosaurs like the Triceratops and others with a bone-crushing bite. They likely even cannibalized members of their own species. But what about the more than

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Hard Boiled Eggs Don’t Stay Fresh

Seven days. That’s it. Once you’ve boiled eggs, they have just one week until you should think twice about eating one. (That’s assuming they’ve been stored in the fridge shortly after being boiled.) And if that hard boiled egg was

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The Amazing Emotional Support Alligator

Emotional support animals have garnered some criticism over the years, mostly to the misuse by untrained animals. But occasionally one comes along that raises eyebrows, not because of it’s training or the question of the validity of need, but of

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Wash Your Hands Immediately After Touching These

Washing your hands is essential to good hygiene, stopping germs in their tracks. Washing your hands limits the transfer of bacteria, viruses, and other germs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends using soap and clean water or an

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Waterfall Shuttle Begins Good Friday

The Waterfall shuttle will soon begin its 2019 operations from Christie Lake Conservation Area, beginning on Easter weekend from Good Friday until Easter Monday. The regular operations of the shuttle will continue on weekends and holiday Mondays, until Sunday October

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Prepping Your Grill for the Season

It’s that time of year we all salivate for… Spring is upon us. With the world bursting out of hibernation, you’re craving fresh flavor and fresco eating. Here’s how to shake the winter blah off and bring your grill up

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Painting ‘Pigcasso’ Hogs The Limelight

The talented pig was rescued and brought to an animal sanctuary in Franschhoek, South Africa where her new owners noticed her love of color and paint brushes. Brandishing a paintbrush in her snout, Pigcasso enthusiastically tosses her head to create

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Take a Magical Trip on the Real-Life Hogwarts Express

All aboard, Harry Potter fans! The Hogwarts Express is back in service. With over 500 million books sold there are a lot of Potter fan. The Jacobite steam train that was featured in the Harry Potter film series will be

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Who Invent Peanut Butter?

George Washington Carver who lived in the late 1800’s was a brilliant man who invented over 300 different uses for peanuts, but he did not invent peanut butter. Unfortunately, this is the achievement with which most people associate him. His

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Potential lies in untouched Welland third canal

A St. Catharines man has a plan for the third Welland Canal, which has been sitting untouched for a hundred years. Closed in 1912, the third canal was more than 40 kilometres long and opened to vessels in 1881. David

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Our Lives Changed with the First Mobile Phone Call

Of all of the technological advancements of the 20th century, arguably the one that has gone on to have the biggest cultural impact has been the invention of the mobile phone. It caused a shift in the communications industry away

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What’s a Space burger taste like

Tom Stanniland said he wanted to see whether or not a burger would taste the same after being in space. Tom sent a Big Mac into space on a weather balloon and documented the whole journey via GoPro. He was

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How Many Spiders Are You Swallowing While You Sleep?

For some reason, many individuals have a strange and completely false belief that the average person, while sleeping, swallows somewhere between eight spiders a year or eight spiders in a lifetime. Most people are likely to have heard at least

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