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Things You Should Never Buy Used

We’re all about finding great deals on stuff, but sometimes drawing the line between secondhand and new can be tricky. Some items like tables, art, and gym equipment — are more than worthy of a second life, while others are

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Oakville Fire Department Warns of Smoke Detector Scam

The Oakville Fire Department is warning residents of a potential smoke detector scam. They say people claiming to be with the fire department have been going door-to-door and making calls offering free smoke detector inspections to enter a home. The

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Would You Eat Parasitic Worm Eggs?

The German government is considering approval of a food ingredient that most people try their best to avoid: parasite eggs. The Consumer Protection and Food Safety office is evaluating the safety of a product that consists of pig whipworm eggs.

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Conspiracy Theorists Predict Eclipse Signals End Of The World

Conspiracy theorist David Meade has claimed that the eclipse taking place later this month will signal the end of the world. The author of Planet X says the planet will collide with Earth shortly after the solar eclipse, moving his

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Invictus Games Come to Toronto

In May 2016, Prince Harry announced that Toronto will step up to host the next Invictus Games. The 2017 event will take place from September 23 to 30 and will see more than 550 ill, injured and wounded servicemen and

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Does Sugar Cause Wrinkles?

Sugar consumption can certainly play a role in the development of wrinkles and sagging skin, but its influence may be slight compared to the effects of other environmental factors. As we get older, our skin begins to dry, becomes less

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It’s a Go to Restore Massey Hall

Ontario has decided to invest 135 million and restore Toronto’s Massey Hall. The announcement was made Tuesday morning at the historic concert hall. Restoration will include improvements to both the interior and exterior of the venue, while planning for a

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Children Who Play Outside Likely to Protect Nature

University of British Columbia researchers say children who play outside are likely to care more about nature as adults than kids who don’t spend time outdoors. They showed that 87 per cent of study respondents who played outside as children

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Pets Have a Dedicated Presence on Social Media

They may not be able to speak for themselves or use a computer, but that has not stopped thousands of pets from having a social media profile. Evidence shows (52%) owners of cats and dogs described their pet as their

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Tipping Etiquette When On Vacation

There’s still a couple of weeks of summer before school starts, and still time for a vacation. But when staying abroad at different locations tipping for service always comes to mind. Here are a few suggestions. To the taxi driver

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Can You See Yourself Spending a Night At the Clown Motel?

In the middle of the Nevada desert, the small town of Tonopah offers a very interesting lodging, The Clown Motel. Its a destination for travelers and curious road trippers. For about $40 a night, you can immerse yourself in a

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Where Does Your Fat Go When You Lose Weight?

We talk a lot about dieting and burning off fat, but we actually have a lot of misconceptions about weight loss. Some people think fat is converted into energy or heat—a violation of the law of conservation of mass—while others

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Long Weekend Park and Ramp Closures

It’s a holiday weekend but extremely high water levels in Lake Ontario combined with recent rainfall events are continuing to cause damage along Oakville’s shoreline. Residents are reminded to use caution around creeks, ponds and the lake where localized flooding

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Queen Elizabeth II Downs Alcoholic Drinks Every Day

According to her cousin, Margaret Rhodes, Her Majesty has a gin and Dubonnet, a wine-based aperitif served over “lots of ice” with a slice of lemon before lunch. She’ll also have different wines with her meals. In the evening, the

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You’ll be Surprised By What’s In Your Sausage

A federally funded study conducted by researchers at the University of Guelph has found that 20 per cent of sausages sampled from grocery stores across Canada contained meats that weren’t on the label. It examined 100 sausages that were labelled

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