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How to stay happy and healthy during the Holidays

The holidays can bring about a lot of extra stress, time constrictions and an abundance of food options. Stress.. To reduce stress, make time for physical and mental self-care. Physically, activities like yoga, stretching or hitting the gym can reduce

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What do kids around the world leave for Santa?

In North America it’s a tradition to leave Santa cookies by the baker’s dozen along with a nice glass of milk to wash it down. This ritual of leaving out cookies and milk for Santa (and sometimes carrots for his

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A new tradition: Towering Christmas trees made of Lobster Traps

They first started appearing along Canada’s East Coast about 10 years ago: towering Christmas trees fashioned out of carefully stacked lobster traps. Adorned with colourful buoys, twinkling lights and evergreen boughs, they are becoming regular fixtures in fishing communities across

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Do Not Attempt This Popular Grilled Cheese Cooking Hack

Here’s why you shouldn’t believe everything people post to Facebook. Susan Dale a 66-year-old British woman saw a tip on Facebook that claimed to be an effortless way to make the perfect grilled cheese. It advised to stop using the

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Don’t forget the lip balm: It’s the Mistletoe Trail.

You can ‘pucker up’ at seven locations throughout the region. There’s a new Christmas attraction in Waterloo Region. And you will want to take the object of your affection with you. Explore Waterloo Region has launched “The Mistletoe Trail”. All

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One of The Mysteries In ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ Has Been Solved

Why was the little “Dolly for Sue” on the Island of Misfit Toys?… Most of the toys explain why they’re there: the airplane can’t fly, the bird swims, the cowboy rides an ostrich, the train has square wheels, and the

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Why Don’t People Return Their Shopping Carts?

You’re Christmas shopping, you pull up to a parking spot only to find a shopping cart there, that can be pretty frustrating. Why do people ignore the receptacle? While some supermarkets are better than others, it’s probably not unusual to

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Drivers will now lose license if they illegally pass a School Bus

P.E.I. drivers will now lose their license for a time if they illegally pass a school bus, according to the Transportation Minister. School bus drivers, parents and others have been calling for more action on illegal passing for years, ramping

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How to keep a Christmas tree Fresh

If you’re getting a real Christmas tree this season, as millions of households are doing, you’ll want it to last through all the ho-ho-hos and tidings of comfort and joy. Nobody wants a dry tree. Here’s what you should do.

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(Event) Niagara-on-the-Lake Icewine Festival 2019

It will be here before you know it. Once a year, for three weeks, the Niagara Icewine Festival is held. The festival is dedicated to the Icewine of Ontario which is a unique dessert wine made of grapes that froze

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NORAD Santa Trackers Go Live This Weekend

Coming this weekend, you will have the chance to track Santa in the run-up to his big night – Christmas Eve. On Saturday, both the U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command and the search engine Google will power up their

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A Quieter fireworks over Niagara for 2019

Fireworks will return over the falls next summer for a 26th year. A schedule released by Niagara Parks Commission Tuesday shows more than 110 shows, including nightly shows during the summer. The series will begin Victoria Day weekend (May 17

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Real vs. artificial Christmas Trees

It’s the centrepiece of the biggest holiday of the year for many families: the Christmas tree, the focal point for parties and presents, complete with favourite ornaments and lights. Some cherish the scent of a real tree and the tradition

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Salvation Army launches kettle Campaign

A tradition on the “kettle” started in 1891, in San Francisco, by Salvation Army officer Captain Joseph McFee and its been going on ever since. The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign is one of Canada’s largest and most recognizable annual

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Welland BIA rolling the dice on fun Board Game

Go straight to the Black Sheep Lounge. Do not pass Start. If that sounds familiar but just a little bit off, there’s a reason for that. The Welland Downtown Business Improvement Area board is accepting orders for its new board

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