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Shuttle Service Launches For Spencer/Webster Falls

  A shuttle service will now run between a large parking area just outside Dundas and Tew Falls, for visitors to access this popular conservation area on weekends and holidays from Saturday, May 6 to Sunday, October 29, 2017. All

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That ‘Guilty’ Look On Your Dog’s Face Isn’t Guilt At All

  When you come into a room and discover that Rover has chewed your favorite sofa cushion into tiny bits of fluff or magazine into scrap, you shout, bad dog! What is this!! Rover lowers his chin and pins his

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Diet Soda, Increases Risk of Health Problems?

  The quest to trim waistlines using artificial sweeteners could be backfiring, as researchers found artificially sweetened drinks like diet soda could have an increase a person’s likelihood of stroke and dementia. A study published in the American Heart Association

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Give Your Boiled Eggs A Shake

  Making hard boiled eggs is a fairly straightforward process. Usually, the worst part is peeling them after they’re done cooling off, especially when the shell breaks away in a million tiny pieces. This can be frustrating. Here is a

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The Canadian Ketchup Battle Is Heating Up Again

  When Heinz decided to pull production of their ketchup from Canada putting 740 Canadians out of work three years ago, its rival French’s stepped in promising to buy tomatoes from Canadian farmers who were cut loose by Heinz. At

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Baby Names Parents Probably Regret The Most

  Baby name regret has become increasingly common. According to a 2016 study conducted by Mumsnet, one in five U.K. parents wish they chose a different name for their newborn. While you’d expect new moms and dads to regret choosing

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Don’t Wait Until Canada Day!

  You only turn 150 once, and Hamilton Halton Brant are firm believers that a milestone this significant deserves more than a one-day celebration. Join the party now! Inspired by the Paris bike race in France, the Paris to Ancaster

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Prince Charles, Camilla Will Visit For Canada’s 150th And Cut Some Cake

  Prince Charles and Camilla will visit Canada this summer for Canada’s 150th birthday. Governor General David Johnston says they have accepted the government’s invitation to undertake a tour, their fourth visit as a couple. The royal duo will be

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Niagara Falls Prepares For Canada’s 150th Birthday

  To mark Canada’s 150 birthday on July 1st, the city of Niagara Falls will host 150 different events throughout the year. The city expects this year’s tourism season to be one of their best. The Mayor says, all signs

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Prince Harry Reveals He Was close To ‘Complete Breakdown’

  Prince Harry Reveals He Was close To ‘Complete Breakdown’ Prince Harry has revealed he sought counselling four years ago, after coming close to a “complete breakdown” brought on by years of refusing to deal with the grief of losing

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Rescue Pit Bulls Act As ‘Surrogate Moms’

True friendship knows no species. Just ask this trio of blind cats and their new pit bull besties. A 7-year-old cat named Helen and 10-week-old sibling kittens, Bruce and Willis, came into the Faithful Friends Society Delaware animal shelter with

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Ice Cream And Brain Freeze!

  Have you ever experienced a sudden headache when eating or drinking something very cold? This is brain freeze. Well first it has nothing to do with your brain. Neuroscientist Dwayne Godwin explains, “Rather than actually freezing your brain it

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Cooking with Aluminum Foil? Some Health Issues!

  A lot has changed since aluminum arrived on the scene back in 1910, after the first aluminum foil rolling plant in Switzerland. The first use of foil in North America came about in 1913 when it was used to

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Cavemen Had To Go See A Dentist Too!

  If you’re not a fan of the dentist, imagine what it was like 13,000 years ago. Archaeologists have discovered in northern Italy a pair of prehistoric upper central incisors—your buckteeth—that had been drilled with sharpened rocks and packed with

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Chocolate And Maple Syrup Threatened By Climate Change

  Climate change isn’t just threatening our planet; it’s also threatening some of our favourite food and drink. As weather become less predictable farming becomes more difficult. The rise in global temperatures also means more pests and fungus. On the

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