Is apple cider vinegar a miracle cure?

If something claims to be a miracle cure you should start by assuming it isn’t. That includes the internet’s interest in apple cider vinegar. Proponents of the fermented liquid seem to think it can cure just about any ailment. Debates on this subject go back and forth. Cider vinegar is just one in a sea of trendy superfoods all over the web. It’s possible that vinegar is somewhat helpful to your metabolism, but the results so far suggest it won’t be a miracle treatment. According to studies, the acid in vinegar could stave off blood sugar spikes that otherwise prompt your body to store fat. In general, it’s true that fermented foods are good for your gut health. The bacteria doing the fermenting stick around in vinegar like they do in yogurt, and consuming those microbes can help seed your gut’s microbiome. But while apple cider vinegar could theoretically be microbiome-friendly, there isn’t really evidence to support that idea. A better suggestion for fermented food is try pickled veggies or sauerkraut. Whatever you do, Don’t use the Vinegar to whiten your teeth, the acid destroys your protective layer of enamel. It’s said the acid in vinegar could help kill the bacteria that cause acne, but it could also cause a chemical burns to your skin. Good news, there is a chance that vinegar might actually help with your dandruff; its properties could help treat any fungi growing on top of your head. Apple cider vinegar still has many wonderful uses from cleaning to being used in your kitchen to make great salad dressing to enhancing the flavor and recipes of food you consume. What’s your take on apple cider vinegar, has it worked for you?…..Ed
Source: Sara Chodosh Health Popular Science / Photo: Urban Wired Flicker

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