Aluminum foil is Essential to your Life

Everybody owns aluminum foil. The contrary would be surprising since this is a very practical item to have around the house. We use aluminum foil to cook food in the oven, as well as on the barbecue, and that’s the reason why there is always some lying around. Surprisingly, aluminum foil can be used for other things. Make an aluminum foil ball and scrub it on a rusted surface, especially chrome surfaces, rust is gone. Shape into a funnel to pour liquids into another container. Place a sheet of aluminum foil under cloths while ironing, the heat goes to both sides for wrinkle free choirs. Sharpen your scissors by cutting a a sheet of foil from 7 to 10 times and notice the difference. Remove static electricity in your dryer by tossing in a small ball of aluminum foil. Clean your silver ware using aluminum foil with baking soda, salt and warm water. While cooking lay a piece of foil on the bottom of your frying pan, and not mess, no sticking. Shape aluminum foil into your favorite shape for a cookie cutter. Use the foil to catch drippings in the bottom of your oven. Plus forget about those wire BBQ brushes to clean your grill, a ball of foil will to the trick. You could also use it to keep aliens from reading your mind, but that’s your choice.….Ed
Source:soowellnes/photo:Touchstone Pictures

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