Allergies Are Everywhere

Given how confused we all seem about what the word “allergy” means, it’s not surprising that it seems like suddenly everyone has one. But it’s not just our perception. Allergies are on the rise, though no one is exactly sure by how much. One analysis from 2017, using hospital admissions found that food allergy rates had roughly doubled in the U.S. Climate change also seems to be making pollen allergies worse, and worldwide it seems all kinds of allergies are up. Allergies also vary by geography somewhat, though this is true mostly for allergens that vary by region. Reactions to medication are by far the deadliest, followed by food reaction and venoms. Here are a few of the most common types of allergies. Rye. Dust mites, Ragweed, Grass, Cat Dog, Cockroach, Fungi, Peanut, Shrimp, Milk. Eggs and Mouse. Most people with a serious allergic reaction responses to food or insect stings carry Epi-Pens and they’re effective tools to allow you enough time to get to an emergency room where you can be treated. Talk to your doctor if you have a condition……Ed
Source: Sara Chodosh / Photo: cenczi

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