Age Is No Limiter

There is no reason to not do the things you are passionate about; whether it is inventing something new or experiencing life to its fullest there are those out there who show you can do it no matter how many days you may have under your belt!


Take for example a fella, Glenn Quillin, who for his 102nd birthday became the oldest person to ever go down a zip-line!  The Guiness Book of World Records recorded the event back in February but not long after, April 6th, a 106-year-old Englishman set a new record! But that didn’t upset Glenn much because he didn’t do it for the record, he did it for the experience; much as he did when he published his first book less than two months later. This by the way incidentally earned him another Record as the oldest person to publish their first book.


Glenn also celebrated that publishing by taking 14 of his fellow seniors back to the zip-lines. You can read more about Mr. Quillin’s story and his book “Life in the Dash” here.


And if you fancy yourself as more an intellectual as opposed to an adventurer then there are still plenty of things that age can’t stop; like creative inventing! Just ask 87-year-old James E. West, who has more than 250 patents to his name, as he continues to create.


Despite already having invented a microphone that you will find in 90 percent of devices that feature microphones, including hearing aids, baby monitors, audio recording devices, and a majority of smartphones and telephones, James is not content to just sit and let time pass. He continues to tinker and try to innovate. He has used his skill with sound at Johns Hopkins University to help develop a stethoscope which might help detect a diseased lung within ten seconds, a vital tool for developing worlds where doctors are harder to come by.


Again there is more to this story and you can find it here.


But these are just some of the examples of what can be accomplished no matter the age you have reached. Never let a number hold you back from chasing your dreams. And good luck with what ever it is you want to do!

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