5 Cool Jobs You Could Have in the Future

Space tour guide

A 2016 special issue of the journal New Space claimed that we may be settling on the moon by 2022 at a cost of $10 billion. Jeffrey Manheimer, Co-Founder & COO of Tripping.com, says, “Wealthy, thrill-seeking tourists are already paying $20 million for a week in the International Space Station and an estimated $175 million for a SpaceX tour of the moon.” Future lunar tourists will want to learn about the moon from qualified space tour guides: Scientists and space colonizers who know the ins and outs of Earth’s natural satellite.

Digital removalist

Social media, viral posts, and the complexity of the Internet make it difficult to delete embarrassing public and private moments that make their way online. Jon Brodsky, a manager at finder.com, says Generation Z is growing up without the awareness of the consequences that can come from a regretful digital footprint. “As this generation starts to enter the workforce, digital removalists will be in high demand to erase anything incriminating that could impact their future opportunities.”

Robo coach

Robots are here. Many people believe that they’ll take over our jobs (and then us), but machine learning isn’t perfect. Even robots are going to need human teachers to train and guide them. These trainers can help them learn the basics, like walking and talking, or the complexity of human emotions like empathy. “Robo coaches can help robots analyze complex trends on social media, for example,” says Harrison Brady, Communications Specialist at Frontier Communications.

Remote drone drivers and pilots

How cool would it be to deliver packages from the comfort of an office? That’s the way of the future with delivery drones and self-driving trucks. The transportation industry will likely see less need for truck drivers travelling hundreds of kilometres daily and a greater need for remote drone drivers and pilots. Zach Howard, Business Development Manager at Nonstop Brokerage Inc., says delivery drones will become standard technology, and delivery companies will soon need to employ and maintain an entire fleet of drones with skilled pilots who can navigate the futuristic delivery landscape.

Self-driving car mechanic

While some cars can already drive themselves, they won’t be able to repair themselves anytime soon. Syed Irfan Ajmal, growth marketing manager at ridesharing blog Ridester, says that thanks to the growth of ridesharing and unique technologies like autonomous cars, we should soon see the demand for driverless car mechanics soar.

Edited article By Noelia Trujillo, RD. Com

Picture: pixabay – free use 

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