17 Habits of People Who Are Great at Saving Money

Because when it comes to building your nest egg, these little moves can add up big time.

Good savers start now

Good savers have a retirement account

Good savers know the difference between wants and needs

Good savers don’t rely on autopay – harder to keep track of your balance.

Good savers have a budget

Good savers use cash or checks

Good savers prioritize saving

Good savers keep track of the little things

Good savers look for deals

Good savers adjust for life changes

Good savers take free money – flight miles? Use it when you can.

Good savers have three to six months of expenses saved

Good savers are honest with themselves -honest about their particular risks—advancing age, tenuous job security, chronic health problems, family issues, etc.—and plan their savings to account for them.

Good savers do not feel entitled – if you can’t afford a nice car or a day at the spa, you shouldn’t buy it, no matter how hard you work or how strongly you feel you deserve it.

Good savers use online savings accounts and credit unions

Good savers make saving easy and automatic

Good savers start small – small adjustments so it’s not overwhelming.

Edited story By Charlotte Hilton Andersen/rd. Com

Pic: pixabay 

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